Kapili Roofing Gives Back: Christ Lutheran Church

It has been 15 years since our roofing business first opened its doors and we could not be more thrilled to celebrate this momentous occasion. We have come a long way in the last 15 years, growing from a small local startup to the number one roofing company in Hawaii. And to show our appreciation for our community, we’re celebrating by giving back.



In the past, we’ve donated free roofs to families in need. And while we believe that everyone deserves a roof over their heads, we recognize there are more ways we can support others. That’s why we’re giving away 15 automated external defibrillators to local businesses and organizations. With this life-saving equipment, we can continue to help others in their greatest times of need.


Our Mission: More Than a Business

Why AEDs, you might ask? The truth is, it’s personal. Several years ago, we lost a loved one when they experienced a heart-related emergency. There were no AEDs in proximity and they didn’t get the emergency medical care they needed. Years later, an AED saved the life of one of our loved ones. It opened our eyes to the fact that many places here on the island are not equipped with functioning AEDs. We aim to change this through our donations to several churches, schools, non-profits, and other community-facing locations.




It is our hope that our donations will allow others to receive the urgent medical attention they need when it might not otherwise have been available. If we can save just one life with the equipment we’re providing, it will have been worth every bit of money and effort.


Why We Chose Christ Lutheran CHurch

Christ Lutheran Church in Mililani shares our same values of loving thy neighbor and leading by example in our community. The pastor and his team are true servant leaders who wish to inspire others, lead by example, and promote inclusivity for all. Its doors are open to the community nearly every day of the week, allowing its leaders to reach more people and create hope for a better world.




Their dedication to giving back to others and making a difference for all made them a prime location for one of our AED donations. As a non-profit organization, the church relies heavily on monetary offerings, tithing from its members, and donations in order to provide its programs and services. As life-saving medical equipment is often left off the budgets of non-profit organizations, our 15th anniversary is a great opportunity to fill a much-needed gap at a location that serves countless visitors and church personnel each week.


Creating a Better Community — Together

Our donations of life-saving AEDs would not have been possible without the support of our amazing customers and dedicated employees. We want to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has helped us along the way. Here’s to many more years of success!