Top 4 Tips to Maintain Your Roof

Roof replacements can come sometimes be very costly... Standalone, a roof replacement is often times a homeowner's biggest investment into their home.


'When a homeowner lets a roof go too far long after it has expired, expensive interior and carpentry repairs can increase the cost!


Making sure that you get the most out of your new roof is important to minimizing the amount you spend on roofing over the course of home ownership.


The average homeowner typically replaces their roof 2-3 times over their lifetime, anything much more than that and you are probably spending unnecessary amounts of your hard earned money that could be used for you and your families other expenses and wants!


Here are our top four tips to maintaining your roof. We hope this is helpful in your getting the MOST out of your new roof.






Many shingles come with algae resistant technology within the shingle granules, and a warranty to back it up. One notable shingle for your consideration would be the GAF Timberline Ultra HD shingle. This shingles comes with Stainguard Plus Protection, which covers your for 25 years!


11 - GAF Timberline Ultra HD Shakewood


Most times, you will be covered from these types of staining from the manufacturer for a certain period of time.

If the stains occur within that time, a claim can be made to correct the issue. Kapili has a soft-washing and exterior cleaning service division which can help facilitate this type of issue.






Selecting a solar reflective material is a great way to improve energy efficiency in your home, and to get the most out of your roof. Many shingle manufacturers have solar reflective options. Typically an energy efficient roofing material will be impacted less from the daily UV exposure, and stay in better condition over the long term. This is just one of the MANY benefits to going with an energy efficient roofing system.


Great American Shake (Caramel) - Complete copy


The materials have a physical property that reflects solar radiation, which helps the material itself absorb more heat over time. There are also materials that help dissipate the heat that is absorbed more quickly, and helps reduce temperatures even further.


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There are many types of ventilation that can be installed on your home. In fact, ventilation is a critical but often overlooked component of your roofing system.


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Not only does it help cool your attic space, and release hot air that accumulates, but it is also a requirement by many manufacturers for them to honor their warranty. Selecting the right type of material and roofing system, will help you save money on your energy bills by requiring less cooling for your home.


Need help deciding on the right ventilation system for your home? Check out one of our previous blogs discussing two of the most popular systems for ventilation!:


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When organic matter builds up on your roof, there can be staining, streaking and other unsightly colorations that develop. At a glance, this may seem harmless and purely cosmetic... but give enough time and it will start to impede the lifespan of your roof.


For an existing roofing, we recommend having it inspected and soft-washed periodically to remove organic matter and restore the shingle back to its original color.


For shingle roofs, you should not have to clean your roof for the period of the algae warranty coverage. If by chance you experience streaking, you can always reach out to our team and we can help you facilitate a roof cleaning... which is a lot of times free of cost to you!


Softwash - Before Softwash - After














For low slope roofs such as mod-bit, TPO or coating, you may need to consider cleaning more frequently to maintain the solar reflectivity and to help reduce the amount or organic matter build up on your roof over time. This will help your hard earned dollars spent on your roofing project go the furthest.




Softwash - Before Softwash - After












We have a full exterior cleaning and roof maintenance department that can assist you with any sort of periodic or one time maintenance services that you might need.