Top Signs Your Roof May Be Failing

A roof can be leaking far before you know there are any issues with it.  To the naked eye, all might seem okay and it usually isn't until things are not that many homeowners decide to take action.  


Here are some of the more obvious and visible signs that there are issues on your roof.


We've found photos from our database that are more extreme cases of each, but if you see anything similar on your home, we would recommend that you reach out to get a free inspection and estimate performed on your home. 




1. Loose or Missing Shingles


Jerry Cabuslay - E (D1)

Loose shingles can be caused by several different things. The most common of them are damages from high winds. 

There are also instances where a shingle is improperly installed, or a manufacturer defect causes the sealant to fail prematurely while still under warranty, or the roofs natural age has caused it to begin to fail. 

Regardless of the cause, many times loose or missing shingles will cause an eventual failure on your roof. 

Asphalt shingles are meant to be sealed down to each other with a pre-manufactured adhesive strip.





Mary Melzack - Estimate (D18)


Many of the asphalt shingles today have wind warranties of up to 130 M.P.H. Our recommended shingle GAF Timberline HDZ has an Unlimited Wind warranty, and helps greatly reduce the chance of loose or missing shingles in the future. 


If you have loose or missing shingles, a proper assessment can be performed by a qualified roofing company to determine what the next best course of action would be.





2. Exposed Nail Heads


Properly fastening your roof is an important part of roofing workmanship that will be a determinant in the length that your roofing system lasts. Under driven nails can cause shingles to have a greater chance of future blow off. Over driven nails can cause eventual punctures in the roofing shingle allowing for water entry into your roofing system. While these signs maybe a little more subtle and not visible to an untrained eye, it is something that a qualified roofing contractor would be able to help assess for you. 




3. Shingle Cupping






"Cupping" is the characteristic of a shingle system that is beginning to age and have a concave appearance. It is sometimes caused by extreme weather, normal age and wear, but many times in Hawaii... improper ventilation! 


Most, if not all, shingle manufacturers require their shingle product to be installed with proper ventilation. The reason for this is they understand its importance to the longevity of the roofing system. 


Ensuring that your roof is properly ventilated, helps ensure that you get the most out of your roofing system. 






4. Streaking or Stained Shingles


Most, if not all, new shingles installed here in Hawaii have Algae Blocking Technology baked into the asphalt shingle itself. It helps prevent or slow down the growth of the dark stains and streaking that you typically see on a roof over time. 


Peggie Uyehara (E10)


Over time as a roof builds up organic matter, it can begin to hold moisture and has potential to accelerate the deterioration of the shingle itself.  In more severe cases, it has the potential to impede the ability for the roof to properly waterproof your home. 


Many times if the roof is streaking while still under a manufacturer warranty, the roof can receive a complimentary cleaning.



Our team offers full exterior cleaning and soft-washing services to help keep your roofing system in pristine condition. 

Softwashing is a non-invasive and low pressure cleaning service that kills the organisms growing on your roof top.  




5. Interior Ceiling Staining











Interior ceiling stains often times are related to a roof leak. There are the rare instances where the leak is coming from a

broken plumbing vent, or other source... but in the event that you see a ceiling stain, it is important to have your roof assessed to eliminate more extensive damages or health hazards. 










6. Signs of Wood Rot




When looking at the perimeter edge of your home, you may see dark stains or areas where the wood appears to be going bad. This is a sign that there could be places where your roof is beginning to leak. 


What we find is that the visible roof damages is typically not the full extent of the damages present. A roof leaks from the top down, and once you start to see it from the bottom, it is likely that there are more widespread damages in the surrounding areas. 





Let Kapili Roofing & Painting Asses Your Roof For You!


With the vast amounts of roofing materials that make up a roofing system and the intricacies between different materials, professionals should always be contacted to asses the extent of damages and the proper steps taken to repair them. That's where Kapili comes in! 


For over fifteen years, our crew has offered Hawaii residents a variety of roofing services, and with it to experience to asses when a roof needs a repair or has reached the end of it's life cycle. Our experience with numerous products and materials means we can always find a solution to fit your needs. No matter what roof style you have, we'll work towards your goals.


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